16. Mai 2017 - Keine Kommentare!

Note #01 – I moved to Berlin 🚚

One of my fist photographs in berlin

Some big things happened within the last weeks. First of all, I moved to Berlin. Berlin is such an amazing and inspiring city with so many good artists and musicians. One of the most impressive things I've visited is called The Haus. The Haus is an old bank that is turned into a gigantic art experience by 165 artists from all over the world.


Furthermore, I had a lot of different job interviews with amazing people from different agencies. It was great to see different workplaces and learn more about their working cultures. Finally, I decided to start working in June at one of the agencies I visited. I really can’t wait to face new challenges and solve new problems!
I also had the time to go out and take some pictures in Berlin. If you want to see them look at my Instagram.

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