10. Februar 2017

Interview with BSH

In February 2016 my team won the Siemens Home Appliance Award 2016 with our project called eva. As a part of the winner team I had the opportunity to have my own mentor who's working at BSH. Now that this Mentorship already lasts for one year Siemens decided to create a shot movie about it. For this reason I was interviewed about my personal opinion about design, the Siemens mentoring program and my thoughts about the future.

My takeaway from the mentoring program is a much clearer view about what it means to be a designer in a big company compared to small agencies. I got some insights on how designers at a big company like BSH work and why they are much slower in adapting big changes.

29. November 2016

Future Convention 2016

For the second time I was invited to be a part of the Future Convention in Frankfurt. This time I had the chance to show two of my latest projects: eva – evolution of agriculture and give – digital legacy. For a whole day my project group and I explained the projects to all kind of people. I had some very interesting conversations about the future of the kitchen and about digital legacy. I also gave a short talk about the give – digital legacy project.


23. Juni 2016

Future Workshop – Digitale Transformation, Disruption oder Konfusion!?

Together with Leon Schlechtriem and Moritz Dobernecker, I was invited by the Future Network to give a talk at the Future Workshop – Digitale Transformation, Disruption oder Konfusion!? We talked about the topic of digital legacy, how we have to adjust our digital lifestyle and explained our own solution to that allows people to manage and regulate their digital legacy precautionary. After the talk we had a lot of positive feedback and conversations about our digital future.


2. Juni 2016

DMY Berlin

As one of the New Talent Winners I was invited to present the project eva – evolution of agriculture at the DMY Berlin. The DMY is an international Design Festival in Berlin. For me it was a great chance to show my work to a lot of people and hear their feedback.

It was great to see the projects of the other exhibitors and explore their project. These projects often blurred the borders between art and design. I also had a lot of inspiring conversations with company leaders and trend experts. A lot of the visitors never ate insects before and had a positive opinion on them after eating some.