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I decided to start my own little tech blog. I’ll try to publish small collections of technologic trends and amazing projects from time to time. Today I start with smart hearables, deep learning algorithms and internet by bike.

Connected Hearables

Here One – Two wireless Here Buds™ and a connected app give you control over the way you hear the world. (image: Here One)

We all heard about smart watches, but maybe one of the next steps in becoming a connected human will be smart hearables. They are not only for deaf people, but will likely become a lifestyle product. Beside of playing music or hands-free phone calls, they can allow us to hear much better. Thus, they can apply smart noise filters combined with location based services.

» golem.de
» Here One

Deep learning algorithm identifies skin cancer

Scientists at Stanford have created an artificially intelligent diagnosis algorithm that is able to identify skin cancer. They are currently working on a mobile app that allows people to do their own skin cancer diagnoses at home.

» scinexx.de
» Stanford News

Internet by bike

Screenshot "Internet per Fahrradkurier" by ZDF heute journal

In Radschastan, google and intel are sponsoring mobile hotspots and smartphones. These are brought to the small villages by bike every few days. People there can try out new technology and use the internet for a couple of hours. Although some conservative Indians don’t like it, it can bring Indian woman a  cultural revolution.

» ZDF Mediathek

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