Giving the elderly an opportunity to use the internet for the first time.


Senpad - Internet for the elderly is a project for all those who have never used a computer, tablet or smartphone. We've created a possibility for them to take their first step with modern digital devices and the internet. While creating this project we talked a lot with elderly people and learned a lot from them. With this knowledge we were able to create the Senpad.

My Role
Conception & Design

Team Members
Moritz Dobernecker



About Screen Design

While designing our screens we concentrated on simplicity. Our main focus was to reduce all the elements on the screen. With this we give the elderly a chance to use our Senpad without any previous knowledge about digital devices. As you can see, every screen has only really necessary information. For example, if you open an article on any website, it's reduced to text with pictures and you don't see all the distracting stuff you have on normal websites.

Design Style

While interviewing the elderly, we've realized that they prefer skeuomorph interface design. For them it's much better to understand functions, if the design looks haptic. For our design we were inspired by things that really exist.



We created a very easy to use tablet. Therefore we've decided to outsource all the complicated settings. With this all the administration of the Senpad can be done by a friend who's familiar with computers. Additionally this friend has the opportunity to upload pictures to show to the user of the Senpad.


Tablet Cover

Senpad is not just screen design, it's a complete system for the elderly. They can get an old tablet from a friend and put our Senpad Cover on it. With this and with the software, they are able to take their first steps in a simplified internet.